"You know, I’m kind of a big Deal"

Boy this year is zooming. Interbike went off without a hitch. Rich and I kicked butt. This year instead of Industry parties and bro time, we settled for less is better. All these years and Rich had never been to the top of the Stratosphere. What kind of friend am I? So we rolled on over and made our way to the top. They have two crazy new rides at the top. One is a roller coaster on a straight track. It rolls you out over the edge of the building like you are shooting right off the side. I thought Rich was going to pass out. Luckily he did not scream like a little girl (although he may of soiled his shorts!). It was a crazy sensation. It really felt like you were going to fall. Then it tips you back a little and then over the edge again, only this time the track extends so you go faster and fall a little further. Wild!

View from the top of the Stratosphere.

The other new ride was a fun one as well. It was a spin type ride, only thing is it swings you out over the edge of the building and you spin over the parking lot below. This one started making me a little woozy. I was glad when it stopped. Fun, but I do not think I need to do it again.
Last was the big shot at the very top. I love this ride. For anyone that has yet to ride it and has been to Disneyland’s California Adventure, it is the same as the Maliboomer.
Rich and I also checked out the car collection that was in our Hotel. There were some very interesting, very rare cars and there were a lot of Camaros. Not 60s or even 70s Camaros, but the nasty 80s Camaro. There were also a lot of cars that Rich vowed if he ever wins the lottery he is going to purchase them and blow them up. He apparently is very angry with old timey cars.

I can’t remember the name of this car but there are only three of them and it is worth well over three million!

Prototype Porsche, only three of these made as well. Notice the Minor grill.

Sweet Cadillac!

I can’t remember the name of this either but we both thought it was sweet. Only three wheels and a V-Twin mounted right in the front, crazy!

On the night before we headed home we hooked up with Aki and Todd (former boss from TP) for some go-kart racing. We headed to a new joint that has electric cars. I was a little skeptical about the speed but after the first race my worries were put to rest. These karts are fast and the power comes on and stays on. So you can really rail the corners. Freaking Aki had me by a little more than a tenth of a second for fastest lap (but I was consistently faster suckaz!) so he won both races as they determine the winner by whoever has the fast lap. I will beat you next year Aki.

Aki you got me, by tenths of a second, but you got me.

The demo went by relatively quickly and I cannot say it enough, we kicked butt. Set up was fast and tear down was faster. Till next year!

Rich was really pumped about the Guerrilla mask I gave him the night before.

I liked the way this one came out.

I started my Jedi training this year as well.


3 thoughts on “"You know, I’m kind of a big Deal"

  1. Wicked cool!! I forgot that i made my pants moist when we did those rides! Man this year was super easy and non-brosive, i am really hoping that next year goes just as well! Actually i am pretty sure it will, we seem to have a kick ass system. Oh yeah next time use Elmers glue or rubber cement, that damn gorilla mask stayed on until we got back!!Rich

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