Baby Girl K’s New Room!

So this week Erin and I have checked everything off the getting prepared list. Bottle warmer, bottles, bouncy chair, etc. I also have been putting some of the finishing touches on our little girl’s room. Last Monday was our 6th wedding anniversary and I wanted to give Erin a little surprise. So I painted a bunch of ladybugs on the wall. She really liked them so I have been slowly adding more and plan to add at least 10 or 12 more around the room. I am far, far, from having any talent with a paint brush so painting four of these takes me about an hour and a half (I could use some help Shelly!). Just a little more work and I am there!
I also hand made her name out of pine and stained, sanded, and distressed the letters. They came out very cool. We decided to make our own letters because the letters Erin had found were unfortunately not flat bottomed and would not sit quite right on the shelf. No biggie as I had a blast making these for my little girl. Hopefully she will get a kick out of them when she is a little older as well.

Remember baby you have to wait until my camera is back!


5 thoughts on “Baby Girl K’s New Room!

  1. Sweet! Hey do you think Baby “K” will mind my snoring when i crash at your place! Just kidding, the room looks killer! You guys are ready to go no just spit that baby our right quick!!!Rich

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