Halloween 2008

Well still no baby to Erin’s dismay. But we had a fun time carving pumpkins and handing out candy.

Erin decided to carve her pumpkin into the form of the owl that took a dump on my face and I decided to carve a ladybug for our baby girl. Both came out very nice. My pumpkin was actually home grown by my parents just for the kids (Jake, Kaleb, and our yet to have arrived on the scene baby girl). It was a little small and I did not think my Shrek hands would fit inside to be able to gut and carve it, but it all came together into one cute little ladybug.

Jake and Kaleb both stopped by for a visit to show off their awesome costumes. Jake was a F-117 Pilot and Kaleb was a Hotdog! Great costumes that had me wishing I was a kid again.

Can’t wait till next year when we get to have our first Halloween with our little girl!

Click here to go directly to the large photos.


One thought on “Halloween 2008

  1. Stefan’s photo is priceless…when I started to view it, I totally expected Kaleb’s face. My laughter startled the workers in my office. Kinda hard to explain that I was laughing at a weiner. keep the photos coming…you do amazing work!-Patrice (Stefan’s Mom, though after that photo I’m kinda embarrased to claim that)

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