Introducing Kaya Paige Prosser!

So what was supposed to be a routine doctor visit at 9:45am on Tuesday turned into the birth of our beautiful baby daughter, Kaya Paige Prosser. Erin was set to just be hooked up to the fetal heart beat monitor in Napa for a checkup and she had some unusual blood pressure readings. The doctor thought it would be best to be safe and set us up for an appointment that same day in Vallejo. She said just in case bring your baby bag.
We got to Vallejo around 1:00pm and Erin was on the fetal heartbeat monitor again but this time for three hours. At 4:00pm a midwife came in and said that they would be admitting us and we should expect to have the baby. Well she was right, after a late night epidural Kaya was born on November 5th at 8:54am. She measured 21″ long and weighed 8lbs 13ozs!

Thank you Lloyd for being there and getting me something to eat! Thank you Margie for being there for Erin and I. Thank you Mom and Dad for the drink and Doughnuts! Thank you Chris for coming to see us and taking care of everything at home for us! Thank you Heather, Ronin, and Logan for the support! Thank you Cari and Jake for hanging out and meeting your new little family member! Thank you Beth for bringing us our true celebration meal, Sonic Style!

We are very lucky to have family like all of you!

Click here to get large pictures.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Kaya Paige Prosser!

  1. She is finally here! Seems like we were waiting forever! Kaya is absolutely perfect. I am so fortunate to be her neighbor and so look forward to the fun ahead. All my love – chris(PS – great photos… but people have to see her in person… she’s gorgeous!)

  2. Congratulations to you both. I know you have dreamed and waited a long time for this perfect little lady. And she has the most beautiful eyes. Here’s wishing you many wonderful experiences in the coming years.-Patrice(Stefan’s Mom)

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