Almost Three Weeks, Moving Forward!

Wow, Kaya is almost three weeks old. Crazy.

She slept in her crib for the first time last night and has started to take a binky. This is huge for Erin as she has been sleeping with Kaya in the recliner. It seems we have created a cuddle bug. She loves being held.

For over a week now Kaya’s Grandma Margie has been coming to the house and lending a huge helping hand. She stays for hours at a time, soothing Kaya and helping us with our chores. This has been so big for us and we cannot thank you enough Margie! Also Aunt Sara bought Kaya a lifesaver for us. A swing! Kaya loves her swing. It really calms her down and she loves swinging for hours at a time. This is great for Erin and I. Giving us a chance to do things like bathe!

Not too much else going on. I have been taking pictures but I do not have the time to edit, so please forgive me for the drought!

By clicking on all the pictures below you will be magically whisked away to Flickr. There if you would like to download the original size click “All Sizes” just above the photo and choose “Original”.

Doggy Kisses

Kaya 1st Bath 1

Kaya 1st Bath 3

Binky Time

Kaya and Mama Naptime

Sacked Out

Scary Statue

Vichy Walnut


Rancho Vichy

Rancho Vichy 2

End of the Line


One thought on “Almost Three Weeks, Moving Forward!

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Kaya is beauitful and it’s so fun to see her little personality showing up in your photos…she looked a bit irritated with her bath! Also, the pictures at Vichy are AMAZING!!! The stautue is like out of a horrow film, you captured what I’m sure they think is some great WELCOME troll and made him perfect Stephen King material! Fantastic! Shelly

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