Life As We Know It

Oh who knew how much work having a baby is (95% of the population I assume!)? Kaya is developing into a little person right before our eyes. It is so amazing to see her becoming aware of us. Making eye contact and following our eyes. I live to see this little girl laugh, giggle, and smile.
Erin is doing an amazing job on little rest and constant feedings. Right now the only way to calm Kaya when she is being really fussy is to feed her. But I think we are doing a good job. I have changed what seems to be a bazillion diapers. I have been pee’d on and almost poo’d on. But I still love our little Kaya Bug!

Stop Blowin on Me

Stop Blowin on Me!

My Little Baby

Sorry my Baby is the cutest.

Found You Mama

Found You Mama.

Always Looking Up!

Always Looking Up!

Four Generations 1

Four generations, Great Grandma Misako, Grandpa Lloyd, Mama, and Kaya.

Four Generations 2

Four generations, Great Grandma Misako, Grandpa Lloyd, Mama, and Kaya.

Peek A Boo Rays

Coming home from Grandma Margie’s the other day I had to stop and try to get this picture. The sun was casting such a great warm color.

Strong and Fast

This was taken at the same time as the above picture but I used the fastest shutter my lens allowed, 1/8000 of a second! I thought it looked cool with the rays of the sun.


Birdie the Fatty.

Mexican Sage

Mexican Sage in front of Rancho Vichy.


3 thoughts on “Life As We Know It

  1. OK, Kaya is too perfect for words, Birdie the cat looks totally pissed off, but the sunset is truly the winner in this batch (sorry Kaya, love you more than the sunset) it is like a perfect scene from a movie! I can just feel Napa when I look at that picture!!! Great vision as always!Shel

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