I Love The L!

After saving for a bit I just received my latest lens. A 70-200 F/2.8L IS USM. This is a big boy of a lens. Fast, bright, sharp, just amazing lens. Here are a few samples.

Pink Ball

Grif’s favorite ball.

Fall Finally

Our big Japanese Maple finally getting ready to drop its leaves.

Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree, this is not with the new lens. Idea borrowed from a friend on Flickr. Thanks Cali Bug!

6 thoughts on “I Love The L!

  1. I think you should have your eyes permanently removed and replaced with robotic lenses! Then you would be a walking camera. How awesome would that be! We could call you Davidmatic or something like that, i am still working on your Robot Camera name! Nice pics!Rich

  2. Ooohhh robot camera eyes! I am down! Then when I have enough money I can also get my robot legs installed. Davidmatic is nice, sounds like an old camera.Thanks for the compliments guys!

  3. OK, I’ve been patient long enough. It has been almost a month now..we need a baby fix. Break out the new lens and take a couple. I’m sure you can find it amongst the baby paraphernalia you no doubt are buried under. Babies bring about lots of big changes besides diapers. Though it has been a looooong time for me, I remember it well. Look forward to your pictures-Patrice

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