Still Kicking

I apologize for the deadbeatedness over the last month or so. I wanted to drop some new posts but I had so much baby crap on my hands I did not want to touch the keyboard.
Wow time is just flying. Everyone said it would and boy it sure is. Kaya is two months old, almost 11 pounds, and 24″ tall! She has good days and she seems to think she needs to throw a bad one in there every once in a while. No matter how many times I tell her it is not necessary she says it is helping to build my character.
Christmas came and went. New Years was over in a flash and here we are, 2009. I thought by now everyone would have there own space car, that teaches me for watching cartoons and reading too many comics. This year is going to be great. Kaya will be ready to go hiking with Daddy (Now that she has her own backpack to ride in). She becomes more and more aware by the day. Milestones are being met and she is becoming more beautiful by the day.

Feel free to download any of the below photos. Just click on the photo and once you are on the Flickr website choose any size and then hit the download button. Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy and Happy New Year everyone!

Beautiful Kaya

My new favorite Kaya picture.

My Love

I am lucky.

Crusty Girl on Sweet Sheets

Crusty Kaya on the world’s coolest sheets (Thank you Chris!).

Cutee Time

Cutee girl Kaya.

My Girls

Erin and Kaya, Taylor’s B-Day Party.

Sleepy Time Bug

Sleepy tummy time.

Kayas 1st Wagon

Kaya’s first wagon, thank you Stacy!


Rose from a flower arrangement that Grandma Margie brought over.

Merry Christmas

We actually waited until the 20th to open our gifts this year!

Sugar is Good

Christmas Cookies.

KMH Ultraman

A sad day is coming. Kimono My House will be closing on February 2nd.

Kaya 1

My baby.

African Daisy

Backyard Daisy shot with new close up lens on the 100mm Macro.

Sally Stalking Prey

This Salamander appears on the same spot of the patio quite often.

Luca Dog

Christmas time Lucca Dog.

Christmas Girls

Christmas girls.

Kaleb Ready To Open

Kaleb ready to tear into his gifts.

Christmas Jake

Jake, Christmas grin.

Yaya and Kaya

Yaya and Kaya.


7 thoughts on “Still Kicking

  1. Thanks for the new photos…Glad to see YaYa made it in there too. You have quite the talent for taking pics. But then again, your subjects are beautiful to start with…While I am a photographer too, my subjects are not nearly as photogenic and are sometimes non-breathers. Best wishes to you and your family!-Patrice

  2. Damn David you are going to have your hands full beating the boys off of her! She is super cute! Nice pics as always. Also, that really sucks that the Supreme Robot store is closing! Sorry to hear that! See you guys soon.Rich

  3. Thank you for the compliments everyone. I see you have been enjoying some good snow finally Devin.Patrice Stefan has told me about what you get to take pictures of. Wow! You must have a strong stomach! Rich you are going to put me in the crazy house. I think I am OK with keeping Kaya locked up until she is like 30 or so. I will just home school her. Keep me posted if you are down this weekend.

  4. Don’t know if I have a strong stomach, or just a twisted outlook on life. Work is just like a continual freak show. Last night’s freak was a robbery suspect that was caught by a K-9. As he was pointing out his injuries we noticed prior scars..Oh those! That was from the LAST time the SAME K-9 bit him when he ran. He even knew the dogs name!-Patrice

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