Can’t say we have been up to much. Going to start a few home projects soon. Taking care of Kaya and trying to get her to take a bottle before Erin goes back to work. That is about it! Some pictures from the past few weeks.

Getting Through

Rich and I snuck away a week or so ago and did a short hike up Westwood.

Minimally Twisted

Fence bordering the happy face palace on top of Westwood Hills.


Similar picture subjected to some heavy abuse of curves in Photoshop.

The Mighty

My big baby Dog Grif. Poor guy is getting over a urinary infection. He had lost over eight pounds as a result. He has already gained five so I am a little less stressed.


Waiting for Margie on her birthday at Benihana. I know what everyone is thinking, “Margie late?”

Yum Time

We had a great dinner. Kaya slept for almost two hours in the Hana! Thank you for Dinner Margie and Mark!

Nandina Domestica

Nandina Domestica. Like all other plant life, Erin hates this. We have two of them in our yard.


Capturing a fast moving baby with low light and a slow shutter is truly a gift. One I do not possess!

Daddy I Got a Surpise

She was being so cute. We were having a fun time playing. Then quiet, then a steady stream of puke.

Cold In Cali

To all my friends on the other side, I swear it gets cold here too!


6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. We just missed Pepper and The Supervillians. I think there is a Dropkick Murphys show and I know Cake is playing in Oakland. They are playing with the suck ass Love Mongers again though.

  2. Dude, seriously, frost you could have photo-shopped does = cold! Nice try, fantastic picture though! The picture of Grif is wonderful! You seemed to have captured his soul…I will be printing that one of course. (Also, you seriously need to put a profolio together and show your work, you do some work that would be a Ad department dream…the Hana shots for one and the bike shots as well – can’t believe you hired Mario when your so talented!)Thanks for sharing Miss K by the way, I have fun shopping for her from so far away!Shelly

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