For some time now Erin has really been wanting to punch through the kitchen wall into the living room. She says when she is in the kitchen she feels like she is in a cave. I have been putting this off for some time. Well just about a month ago we were fortunate enough to get a free piece of granite from a friend (Thank you Micki!) and this set things in motion. Last weekend I started demo on the wall. Wow what a mess. Mark came and helped me finish demo and frame on Saturday. Electrical went in Tuesday and on Wednesday we had sheetrocked. We are almost there. Should only be another week or so and she will be all done!
Also I have been working on putting together my new frankenbike. I am not into skin tight shorts so this is one that is definitely not for that crowd. I think it came out nice. Reused a Mountain Cycle frame that I had a Sturmey 8 speed on and had some new wheels built and voila, new bike! I have yet to ride it though as Kaya said I can’t until I have a trailer to put her in!


5 thoughts on “Projects

  1. That will be nice once you guys get it done! Before you know it you will be a full on carpenter like the big JC! Nice!!! Hey the bike looks good too, we need to find you a trailer so you can tool around with Kaya! There are a bunch of great trails and rides up here in Sacto, come up soon adn we will have some fun with the kids!Rich

  2. Thanks for the compliments yall! If only I could live up to the big JC. You mean Jenney Cooper right? JK! I am going to try and score a trailer in Taiwan in March. Another couple of months Kaya will be ready I am sure. You still sick?

  3. Still sick and still no fricken engine! And yes it is difficlut to live up to either of the BIG JC’s! But if there was such a man it would be you…..Rich

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