75% On the Kitchen .1% on Life

Almost done in the Kitchen. Paint is finished. Just have to finish up on the bar top and trim. I am also planning on throwing up crown in the living room. This will hide my horrible paint cut lines!

Looking into the living/dining room.

The flash made the brown look kind of weird. I swear it looks better in person. Pay no attention to the horrible paint job. I did get a few straight lines though, I was proud of myself!

A couple of weeks ago Erin and I made it out for a little Hike on the river trail with Kaya. She did great. Got a little cranky on the walk back (Thanks to a dirty diaper and a hungry gut). But after a quick change and a short feeding we were good to go. I can’t wait to take my little girl hiking, camping, riding. She is amazing.

Little Pill

Kaya did not want to give Daddy a cute face.

Momma and Kaya

This was as much as she was going to give me.

Out for a Walk Bug

Ha Ha, got you Bug!

Napa West to East Small

Fun with photo merge. South Napa, East to West.

The Tower


Troll Hideout

Troll Hideout.



Mo Mustard

Mo Mustard.

Even Mo Mustard

Even Mo Mustard.


Make a Wish!

Little Bird

Photo abuse. Pretty little bird.

Erin goes back to work tomorrow, I think things are going to get really interesting really quickly.


3 thoughts on “75% On the Kitchen .1% on Life

  1. The bar looks really awesome! I can’t wait to check it out and order a beer, but i will say “where’s my beer bitch”! That way i will feel all manly and stuff! And damn Kaya is getting so big and looks so beautiful. I MUST see her soon!!!! And last but not least, tomorrow will be a great adventure. I suggest splitting some childrens chewable Morphine with Kaya and sleep until Erin gets home!!Rich

  2. We will have to wait and see which interesting it turns out to be.Rich I don’t know how anything you say can sound manly with your new Facebook profile pic! I think I will make you get the beer and be the catcher.Kaya is getting big. She keeps wanting to turn over. I was trying to change her diaper last night and she wanted to do was flip over.

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