Hail + Motorcycling = Ouch

I ran out to drop off some packages today when the rain broke, so I decided to take the moto. Grabbed my Camera as well because there was some great overcast grey light. Went back on Old Sonoma snapped a few shots and noticed a huge dark cloud moving closer and closer so I put the gear away and started heading back. Once I hit Congress Valley I was getting pelted by pea size hail going 40 or 45 on my bike. It hurts!


Looking UP


Sunday Erin had some friends over for a class reunion meeting. Kaya had a major melt down which is very out of the ordinary. But we made it through without harming her!

Napa High Class of 93 Reunion Committee

Desiree, Richele and Griffen, Erin and Kaya, and Melissa. The Napa High Class of 93 Reunion squad.

7 thoughts on “Hail + Motorcycling = Ouch

  1. First….FLOWERS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Is it weird that I wonder how they would look if only the bloom was in color? Second, Kaya looks like she is so over class reunion day!Third….riding in the hail? what are you, from Wisconsin or something?

  2. You truly are the dumbest person on the face of this earth! But with that said you make very pretty babies and you have a great eye for beautiful pictures!!!Rich

  3. Who’d of thought taking pictures could be painful? Love your photos as alwasy. You’re an inspiration for me. While I haven’t gotten the great photos you have, I do look at orindary things differently now. I bet others do to. Keep up the photography..we would really miss it.-Patrice

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