Back from Taiwan

As I get older the jet lag from traveling overseas keeps getting worse! I have not gone to sleep earlier than 3am since I have been back. I had a great time in Taiwan this year. Good business and fun wise. It is awesome watching your close friends eat street food when you are too much of a wuss to try! Thank you again Aki for hanging in there with me and my strange eating habits. So who wants to go next year? Pictures in no particular order, I am a bit faded sorry!


View North from the top of the 101. It was crazy how on every side of the 101 I got different weather in the shots.

Cuddlefish Down the Hatch

Aki tearing up his grilled yummy street cuttlefish.

Street Food

The view from the vendor that served Aki his mouth watering cuttlefish morsels.

Mystery Platter

Mystery food.

Taiwan Touching Aki's Heart

Crazy Shilin night market action.

Shilin Night Market Action

More Shilin action.

Cuddlefish Surprise

Yummy cuttlesfish. Who would not want to eat a creature that has eight limbs PLUS two tentacles, all of which come out of their head and whose tentacles are “furnished with denticulated suckers, with which they secure their prey.” That’s right — “denticulated”, as in, “toothlike”.

Egg Foo Yung From BTILC

Snuck a photo of this guy in the Night Market. I did not want him to see in case he thought I was stealing his soul.

Sweet Hat

Fresh trucker hat.

Interesting Hat

Lots of clothing that specialized in using the F Bomb.

Cool Bridge Back of the Cab

Bridge on the way to the Miramar shopping center.

101 Top of The Miramar

This one was such a disappointment for me. I want to learn how to shoot night shots better than this. Although to my credit we were on a moving ferris wheel and this was shot at 0.4 Exposure and 400 iso. I tried bumping the iso up and increasing the exposure but the shots came out way noisy.

Aki and the Damper

Aki and the 101 Wind Damper. We almost had to wrastle with some ole folks to get this picture.


Flowers in the courtyard at the CKS Memorial.

Pot O Stink

Pot of nasty smelling eggs. You find these in every convenience store. 7 Eleven, Hi Life, and the like.

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