Quickie Sunday Hike

Sunday Kenny called and asked if we wanted to go for a quick hike just off the side of the road up in Rutherford. I have been wanting to try Kaya’s new hike backpack so it seemed a good of a time as any. We did not see a whole lot of wildlife surprisingly. But it was fun!

The Bug and I

Me and the Bug!


2 thoughts on “Quickie Sunday Hike

  1. Super cute pick of your girlie! So did your back get wicked sweaty!!! I bet you were a stinky mess when you got home! Hey when will be the next time i can talk you guys into coming up to hang with me and the kids?Rich

  2. I am always a sweaty mess, that is how I roll!Maybe soon. Although Kaya has all of sudden taken to not really liking being in the car. Hopefully that changes soon.

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