Tried my best to spell the sound Kaya is making all the time with her tongue. I think it is close.

Another fun weekend behind us and one ahead. So far great summer.

This is Kaya’s new ride. Well not so new, she has had it for about a month or so now. She LOVES riding in it. Sunday we went on the longest ride to date. We headed to Yountville with Kenny and Jake to check out the car show. We met up with the Kuhns and Chaz rode with us as well. Kaya did wonderful. We stopped one time and she started to fuss a bit but then stopped as we started riding again. She did almost 11 miles! She went home with Erin in the truck because it was getting a bit hot.

The car show was great. Lots of sweet cars. Desiree’s brother Brandon even ended up winning best of show and people’s choice awards.


Show Winner! Brandon in back.


Cool exhaust.

Sweet Willy

Sweet Willys. Although getting closer to the paint revealed a less than stellar paint job.

That Looks Fast

Old timey fast.

Before we left on our adventure Sunday we had an impromptu baby shoot by the lemon cucumber. Kaya and Grif were playing so well.

Grifter and Kaya

Kaya and her Dog Dog.

Dog Dog Kisses

Dog Dog kisses.

Erin's Prize winning Lemon Cucumbers

Erin’s soon to be winning prize lemon cucumbers.

And last but not least a little video I shot of Kaya today. I swear I think she is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking.


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