More Camping!

Headed back to Bear River for another quick camping trip. This time Grifter came along. We left him home last time because we were not quite sure how Kaya was going to react to camping. If she was going to be freaked out then having Grifter and Kaya freaking out could potentially be a little stressful. But she was a champ last time so now Grifter gets to go whenever we go!

We had absolutely perfect weather this time. Not hot and not cold. River was a little low and not flowing as fast as it normally does (we typically come a little earlier than August) but it was still deep enough to tube down. Apart from one bad night (Kaya did not want to sleep) it was a great trip. Lots of good food and Erin even beat me at Horse Balls.


View from the campsite.

My New Favorite

Quite possibly the cutest baby in the history of babies.


I have TEETH!

Pretty Snake

Cool snake I caught at the rivers edge. Not sure if it was a Garter. I have never seen a Garter snake with this red of a belly.

Give it to me Mama.

Give me that snake Mama.

Grif Swimming

Grifter cutting loose.

Cardinal Monkey Flower

Cardinal Monkey Flower.

Moth Mullein

Moth Mullein. This was a crazy little flower that would not open in the sun. Only in the early morning or evening.

More pictures to come!


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