This is what happens in almost two months!

Kaya is getting big, she can crawl, she can sit up, she can make us a little crazy (But we still love her!), she loves playing with her toys now (which makes it a bunch more exciting when we are at the store and she sees something she likes!), she travels well (Planes, trains, boats, cars, you name it), she still never took a bottle or binky but she drinks from a sippy cup and from a straw, and she is almost a year old!

Things have been hectic to say the least. Luckily things will start slowing down again now that I am finished with Interbike.

Pictures here we go:

Kaya & Mama Block Party

Kaya and Mama at the second annual Devita neighborhood block party. (Our street rules!)

Ford Pickup

Downtown car show, sweet grill.

The End

Sunset at Napa airport.

View from the Tower

Jeff was nice enough to invite me out to Travis for a tour of a KC-10 and the surrounding area. View from the Tower.

Air Frames

Air frames all lined up.

Napa Riverfront at Night

Riverfront at Night (Friends of the River fireworks display.)

Napa Riverfront

Riverfront at dusk.

Chris & Jeff

Chris and Jeff hanging out.

McQueen and Kaya

Kaya and Night-vision McQueen (Minus his night-vision goggles).

The O Face

Kaya’s O Face.

No Smiles for Dada

Kaya preparing to make a run up the Sandia Tramway in New Mexico.

Thunderheads a Coming

View from the parking lot at the tram.


Cool old lift chairs at the top of Sandia Peak.

Mama and Kaya in front of the Laredo Church.

We were in Sante Fe around noon so the sun was very bright. Tried bringing it down a notch here. Kaya and Mama in front of the old Laredo Church.

There is my Dada!

Kaya pointing to Dada.

Sweet Kaya

My beautiful little girl.


Downtown Sante Fe during a festival, picked one of these for my Mom’s b-day.


Beatiful New Mexico.


Old Town Albuquerque.


One thought on “This is what happens in almost two months!

  1. I so love your photos…that "oh" pose is one of my favorites. Kaya gave me that face a couple of times it. Keep up your photography work, it really is specatular and because of it, I look at the world a little differently now. Thanks-Patrice

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