Again I find myself behind on posting. Even my best intentions can’t overcome my laziness!

We have been having a fun year so far. When it stops raining we get out and ride our bikes. Now that Jeff has a sweet new ride both he and Chris have been joining us as well. Has made for some really fun trips. Plus I get to introduce everyone to the great amount of bike paths and trails Napa now has to offer. With even more on the horizon!

Vallejo to Benicia ride.

Dada and Kaya

Kaya and I at the Napa River out at Kennedy.


Silly bug.

Stick Girl

Cuckoo little stick girl.

In a couple of weeks I will be heading back to Taiwan. Aki again is joining me so at least I will have some company while there. We had a blast last year and hope to check out some more cool sites this year. Then back home for a couple of weeks and then off to Hawaii! I can’t wait for that one, my only hesitation is being away from our little girl for eight days. That is going to be very hard but I know she will be in the best of hands with Grammy.

February was also the month we bid farewell to our faithful VW Jetta. It was a great car and served us well. Spacious, great power, beautiful interior, but it was time to move on. With the help of an old friend (Thank you Aaron!) we got a great deal on a new Honda Accord Crosstour AWD. I love, love, love this car. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea but who cares! I love it! The first road trip was down to Santa Cruz. Unfortunately they were having a Chowder contest on the boardwalk and it was beyond packed. So we headed out to the pier had a great lunch and headed home. Kaya did a ton of walking a was a champ during the whole trip.

As Close as they Could Get

Beach Bug

Beach Boardwalk

Big Pelican

Afternoon Session

Afternoon Session

With fingers crossed another milestone for myself will happen this year as well. The completion of the online store for my job. I will finally be able to sell stuff to people who want it! What a concept!

Here a few miscellaneous photos as well as a few from our trip to the zoo that I did not post last time.


Kaya the little heartbreaker.


Beautiful colors.

Erin, Kaya, and the Uni-Bomber

Breakfast at Cutting’s Wharf.

I will Eat Your Face

I will eat your Face.

How Do I Get Out of Here

How do I get out of here?

Stop Taking Pictures of ME!

Stop taking pictures of ME!

Awwww Sunshine..

Awwww Sunshine..



Common Give Us a Hug!

Common give us a hug!


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