One Day Down…

So I arrived early this morning in Taipei. Got to the hotel around 7. Luckily Aki had a room over the weekend so I was able to crash with him until we could check into our other room.


Looking Down on the Wenhu

View From Sogo

Didn’t do a whole lot today but we investigated the scene at the Daan Park pretty thoroughly. We saw lots of local wildlife. Even saw my first live reptile. Some type of lizard that resembled a small iguana. We both tried to catch him but it was mid day and he was plenty warm and extremely fast. We chased him up a tree and Aki tried to jump up and grab him but just knocked him to the ground. After that I chased him around which apparently angered him and he jumped at me a couple of times, almost tearing into my man parts.

Don't Tear My Sack!

Bumpy Boo

Mouth Full

Little Turtle Island

After that we ventured back on the MRT and returned to Ximen for a little robot hunting and to find the restaurant, The Modern Toilet. Where you sit on toilets and eat out of them! We finally found it but it must of been too early as there was no one eating so I purchased a few souvenirs and we left.

MRT No Fit Aki

Mini Mini Bus


Aki made the mistake of trusting Mos Burger which turned out to be a big mistake. But I think he is ready for some chicken uterus and rooster testicles. So we will search that out for his next meal!

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