Danshui and Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Today we took the MRT all the way out to Danshui. This is a small fishing village at the northern end of Taiwan. Small compared to Taipei but there are still a lot of people. From the MRT station we walked all the way to Tamsui Fisherman’s wharf. This is a really cool area with a cool pedestrian bridge and lots to see. Then we headed over to the beach and strolled along for a few miles then all the way back to the MRT station. Very close to ten miles of walking. Both Aki and my feet were killing us so we headed back towards the 101 grabbed a bite to eat and did a little shopping.


Sleeping on the Job


On The Path

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Lover's Bridge

Lover's Bridge

Fishing Fleet

SS Minnow



Missing a Few Pieces

First day of the show tomorrow, not looking forward to standing around for nine hours and I miss my girls.


3 thoughts on “Danshui and Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

  1. Hey what are those concrete things in the water? Damn, what is it like standing around all day talking to people about bikes? That must be fun….Rich

  2. Those blocks are the levy and break water. They are really cool because they all kind of interlock.I absolutely love, love, love, standing around on my feet talking to Europeans and people who don't understand me! You still have yet to experience this show I think you should take my place next year!

  3. "Take your place next year"…..funniest thing ever! I would just hire some Lepers to take my place while I ate Sausage and the other rank food you describe! Have fun over there!Rich

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