Just plain typical of me. Another two months, poof. I swear I wish I could be better about updating more.

Mamala Bay

Mamala Bay Golf Course, yes the water is that blue!

Over the last couple of months a lot has happened. Primarily Erin and I had a vacation to Hawaii. In almost 20 years together we had never been on a real vacation. Three days here and there but never more than a week. So this was very special as we also never had a real Honeymoon.

We were very fortunate to share the experience with good friends Chris and Jeff. They both had been to Oahu before and served as amazing tour guides and chauffeurs! We golfed, hiked, swam in the ocean, had some truly wonderful meals, went sight seeing on several military bases, and got to really relax. I did miss Kaya terribly but I knew she was in the best of hands with Grammy.


Hickham AFB.

Aokis Shave Ice

Aoki’s Shave Ice, super yum!

Shave Ice!

Erin enjoying her shave ice.

Yummy Shave Ice



Waikiki and Diamond Head.

USS Arizona

USS Arizona from the top secret viewing area. Chris and Jeff stumbled upon this spot.

Eagles Nest

Outside the Flight Museum on Ford Island.

Temple Door

Byodo In temple door.


Smile you are on vacation!

Byodo-In Temple

Byodo In Temple.

Who Knew?

Kaya sure is busy.


One of the only sunsets I was able to capture, but it was worth it.

Click here to see many more photos from the Hawaii trip.

Chaz and Desiree also finally got a Burley trailer for baby Devin so we have tried to take advantage of the few days that we have had sun the past two months. We have ridden out at Buchli Station, The River Trail, and our standard Downtown / Yogurt loop.

Buchli Ride

The bug exploring Buchli.

We also made it to Drakes Bay for Kaya’s first real beach trip. She had been to Santa Cruz but she did not get a chance to get wet on that trip. This time we were ready. She was apprehensive at first and even cried a little when the cold water rolled over her feet but she soon took to it like a duck to water. The Kuhn’s were in full effect as well with baby Devin.

Snappy Snappy

Looking directly into the sun I noticed the reflection adjusted to 1/400th for my shutter and snapped this one. I really like the silhouette.

Can't Get Me Wet!

Can’t get me wet!



Beach Girl

My little beach girl.

Who's That Looking Back at Me?

Beautiful Reflection.

Kaya and Mama Drakes Bay

Aged this one, I like the way it came out.

Drakes Bay

Limestone rock formation.

Click here to see many more photos from Drake’s Bay.

So far great start to the summer. We had to cancel our camping trip last weekend because of weather but are heading up in July. Plus I am heading up Half Dome in June. A lot more to look forward to this summer!

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