Wings Over Wine Country and Some Old Treasures

Last weekend we headed over to Wings Over Wine Country Air Show for Kaya’s first air show. Great planes and good food. Next year though we will show up early.

I'm Calling CPS

I’m calling CPS.



Airshow Girl

Little air show girl.

1/8 Choctaw

1/8 Choctaw.

This One is My Size!

This one is my size!

Shiny Prop

Shiny prop.

I got the itch to scan through some older photos that I had yet to edit and found some that I really liked. Also a few that I went back and touched up that had been edited.

Captain Jake

Captain Jake.

Blue Angels Fleet Week 2009

Blue Angels.

Stanley Lane Halloween

Flag at Stanley Lane Halloween.

Stanley Lane 2009 Mama and Kaya

Kaya and Mama Stanley Lane.

Stanley Lane 2009


Stanley Lane 2009


Kaleb Playing

Kaleb playing at Jake’s graduation.

Tractor Napa Fair

Tractor at the Napa Fair.

4th of July Parade Calistoga

4th of July parade Calistoga.

San Miguel Mission

San Miguel Mission New Mexico.



F-15 Butt

Rear of a F-15 on Ford Island, Hawaii.

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