Just like that Kaya is now 2

I don’t think it can be said too many times, time flies. Our daughter is now two years old and I am ready for time to slow down. I am not ready to lose my baby just yet.

As usual a lot has transpired in the months since my last post. Kaya is speaking in full sentences, has taken her first trip to Disneyland, revisited the zoo, had a great birthday party, and much more.

Recently I also surprised Erin with a complete makeover of our bedroom while she was away for work. This could not have happened without the help from my good friends Rich and Chaz. Thank you guys a ton for helping me out on such a tight schedule. I will try and get some photos of the room up in the next couple of days.

Kaya’s first visit to Disneyland! Oh and she loved it!

Family Photo Time

Erin, Gumpa, and Kaya.

Kaya and Eeyore

Kaya and Eeyore. She was really into the characters. She wanted to give each and every one a hug!


Believe it or not Kaya’s favorite ride.


California Adventure.

More Hugs

Erin, Kaya, and Pluto. Pluto was being very interactive with Kaya while we were taking this photo. He even was playing hide and seek with her.


The family, Gumpa, Mama, Kaya, Grammy, and Grampa.

One Hot Baby

The first day in the park it was reported to be 114!

You're Famous!

Say Cheese! She stepped right in front of me while I was taking pictures of Tiana.

Bubble Blaster

Cutest child in the world!

Click this link to see many more photos from our Disneyland Trip.

Halloween, Pumpkins and Costumes.

Look of Mishchief


Smash Em

Stanley Lane.



Funny Face

Silly face.

Halloween Bug

The real Kaya Bug.

Army Girl

She’s in the Army now.

Click this link to see more photos from Halloween.

San Francisco Zoo Trip.

How Cute, Three Generations

So cute, three generations.

Why Won't These People Stop Looking At Me?


Stink Hole

Stink Hole.

Click this link to see more photos from the Zoo trip.

Kaya turned two years old this year. Erin put together a great party at a local gymnastics facility and made awesome cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting for the party. I am pretty sure Kaya had a good time!

Kaya is 2! Happy B-Day!

Happy Birthday Kaya!

Kaya is 2! Happy B-Day!

Look at all those presents.

Balance, Focus.

Party balance.

Is This All For Me?

Is this all for me?


Blow Kaya, blow!

Blow More!

Blow some more little girl!

After many months of deciding whether or not I would try and hop the fence at Skaggs Island I finally did and I was about nine months late. It was all bulldozed this year in January. What a shame. The possibilities that were held in all of those historic buildings. For anyone who is not familiar with the base here is a great link to learn more:

History of Skaggs Island

Skinny Bridge

The way to the North entrance.

Guard II

Crossing Guard.

Dino Door

Why three locks?


Lonely tracks.

Friends of the Napa River, River Festival.

Just Before the Show

Just Before the Show

Boom Boom

Interbike 2010, Las Vegas.


Heading to the Stratosphere

Busy Street

Tip Top

Temporary Home


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