Another one down

First day of the show is in the bag. Three to go!

Wanted to share some more photos from yesterday. You can always check this link to see the entire set of photos from this trip:

Just click this link for Taiwan 2011 photos.

View from my room

View from my room showing traffic and Daan Park.

Took some more photos of the Modern Toilet restaurant so everyone that I told about this place last year has a better understanding of the actual interior. Very unique. Was going to take some photos of the A380 restaurant as well but they were closed. It is a airplane themed restaurant that looks exactly like the interior of an airplane and you are served by stewardesses.

Who wouldn't eat here?

Aki and I searched high and low for this place last year. Turns out it is just behind one of my favorite shopping buildings.

Inside the Modern Toilet

Have a seat.

I get the American Flag Seat!

I get the American flag seat!

More photos from the Flora expo.


Flora Expo


Dragon Fruit




3 thoughts on “Another one down

  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Really.. they took my breath away… keep up the great work (:And to think I just ran across this clicking that "next blog" button…

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