Months and Months

Again more time has flown by. We have been as active as possible although winter decided to stick around until just last week.

Kaya is amazing. I know every parent understands this about their child but I don’t think I love anything in this world more than I love her. I would give up everything for her. Her vocabulary for a two and a half year old is astounding. You can have a conversation with her like you would any adult. I attribute this to the amount of reading we do every day. She absolutely loves to be outside. The rain we have had has been torture for her. Luckily it seems Summer has arrived and with her new park in the backyard she could not be happier!

Easter 2011



So where is my candy cane?

So where is my candy cane?

Gonna Git You

Gonna git you.

I don't Want to Smile

I don’t want to smile.

Hop! Hop!

Hop! Hop!

Much Better

Much Better.

1st Marine World trip of the season.



Tongues In

Tongues In.

Is This Almost Over?

Is This Almost Over?

Santa Barbara 2011

Mama and Kaya in SB

Mama and Kaya in SB.



Memorial Day BBQ.

Friends enjoying the fire

Friends Enjoying the Fire.

Being Silly

Being Silly.

Santa Cruz 2011

New Ducky!

New Ducky!



Ehhh Ehhh Ehhh Ehhh

Ehhh Ehhh Ehhh Ehhh.

Log Jam

Log Jam.

Roller Coaster Face

Roller Coaster Face.

Flying High

Flying High.


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