When will there be a slowdown?

Lately there has just been too much going on. Things are not getting done around the house. Yard looks like hell and my garage is a mess. Seems we are gone or busy every weekend. This weekend we had two birthday parties and a trip to the pumpkin patch.

My nephew Kaleb turned 8! Crazy, time is just flying by. My other nephew Jake turned 9 roughly a month earlier and my daughter Kaya will be 3 in two weeks. Kaleb’s party was super fun with the whole family in attendance. Kaya’s party is going to be held at the same place, a indoor bounce house play area here in town. The kids loved it.
Recently I sent my camera gear off to Canon to be cleaned and to have a couple of my lenses repaired. Turned out that everything had been damaged in one way or another which was primarily affecting the autofocus on the body and some of the lenses. Also a few of the lenses were having issues back focusing or not being able to focus on anything close. I have been playing around since getting them back and things to seem to be sorted. 
Some test shots from around the house and valley.
Big Spider flash & crop
This guy is living in our lemon tree and has set up a really nice web.
Busy at work pollinating the lantana.

Small butterflies that are all over the yard.

Pile of rubble by my storage.

Fall is Here
Fall is here. 
Aidan’s Birthday party.

Aidan's Swim Party
Swim party.

Kaleb’s 8th Birthday Party! 

Proud Father and Son

Proud father and son.

Kaleb's 8th Bday!

Kaleb is 8!

Kaleb's Bday Cupcakes

My sister Beth made these delicious cupcakes. I am not very happy with this picture but was VERY happy with the cupcakes!

Stanley Lane Pumpkin Patch

We did our annual trip to the patch for some pumpkin picking and fall photo session for Kaya. Unfortunately there were so many people I was not able to get all the shots I had hoped. I thought that everything I shot was going to be garbage but I ended up with some keepers in my opinion.

I want this one


Sunflower Girl

I think I see the perfect pumpkin!

Finally no people

Smile and I will give you candy...

Pumpkin Hole

Are we done?

Kaya's new ride


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