Fun Weekend

We had a busy and fun short vacation this last weekend. Starting with Thanksgiving, Silveyville Tree farm with Chaz, Devin, & Desiree, and Mario coming to visit.

Silveyville tree farm was a fun time. A large tree farm in Dixon with rides, free hot cider, and popcorn! She absolutely loves popcorn. A Santa sleigh ride and lollipops! Kaya was in heaven!

Mario arrived Friday evening for a short visit and to help shoot some family photos for our Christmas card. He brought along all of his lighting equipment and set up a great shoot for us in the backyard. I learned a lot again from him and could not be more thankful. I need to get a reflector and a assistant for future shoots!

On Sunday we headed to San Francisco to goof around in Golden Gate park. Not knowing there was a bike race of some sorts going on that completely screwed any family wanting to get into the park. After a bunch of re-routes we finally made it in. First stop was the play area and Carousel. Next was the Tea Gardens. A short walk around and then we headed to the Tonga Room in hopes of grabbing a meal. I have been wanting to check it out since it might be gone soon. Unfortunately they were only open for dinner and we were about three hours early. So off to Union square. Checked out the Christmas tree and skating rink, then had a late lunch/dinner at Cheesecake factory. In all a very fun day. Thank you again Mario for all the help and guidance!

I am really looking forward to Christmas. One of my favorite times of the year. Nothing feels better than giving that perfect gift to your loved ones.

Silveyville Tree Farm Adventure
Silveyville Tree Farm Adventure

Huge Sunflower

Smiley Pig

Mama & Kaya rockin out

Lollipops and Rocking Horses

Kaya’s Holiday Photo Shoot

Kaya's photo shoot

Kaya's photo shoot

Stuck in a tree

Gaze into my eye

I'm tired of taking pictures

Golden Gate Park Adventure

Looking Down on Kaya & Mama

Carousel Ride

Almost got my face

Colorful Steps

Mama, Kaya, & Mario!

Tea Gardens

Mama & Kaya Reflecting

Garden Budha

Cute Critter


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