Easter is Nigh Upon Us

This has been a fast week so far. Easter is just around the corner and then off to the Grand Canyon! Road trip! I cannot wait. My memories as a child of traveling around the States are wonderful. Even the sad moments like losing my Return of the Jedi Jabba the Hut hat somewhere at some small restaurant. To picking out die-cast planes at a Walmart at a time when there were no Walmarts to be found in California. To thinking we can clear a pool full of dead crickets just so we can take a swim in 100 degree plus weather at 8pm somewhere in Nebraska. To battling giant moths at gas stations across the US. All precious memories to me.

Kaya & Devin Easter

Here is to hoping that we are going to help create some memories for Kaya, that she can reminisce about when she is an adult, and to the continued creation of great memories for Erin and myself as a family.

Kaya & Devin Easter

Kaya and Devin in their matching strawberry Easter dresses.

Kaya & Devin Easter

Such beautiful little girls.

Kaya & Devin Easter

Goofing around in the fort.


2 thoughts on “Easter is Nigh Upon Us

  1. This might very well be my favorite one of your blog entries (the cuteness factor is off the charts!). You guys are going to have an amazing time on your road trip! Maybe we can caravan on the next one. 🙂

  2. Definitely. Next trip I would like to take is either to Utah or Wyoming. Both places I hold close to my heart. Would love to take the girls and have them experience something truly remarkable like Yellowstone or Zion.

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