Arizona Road Trip Part 1

Last month we went on a week long road trip through Arizona and The Grand Canyon. I think this was only the second time in ten years that I have taken a vacation longer than four days so it was much needed.

The Eagle

We started off in Napa leaving at 6am. In tow in the Mercedes were Grammy and Grampa Mark with Erin, Kaya, our good friend Mario, and my self in the Van. We drove straight through to Kingman Arizona for the first leg. Kaya did wonderful. I was really worrying that so many hours in the car might be too much for her, but she handled it like a champ. The only minor issue she had was that she was constantly hungry. Must be a growing spurt. We stopped at a cool little town called Oatman along the way. It was a old mining town turned tourist trap full of burros.

Donkey Kiss

I love human cheeks



Up early the next morning we drove to the North Rim on the Hualapai Reservation and the glass walkway over the Grand Canyon. The trip to get there was something else. Just before arriving on the reservation you have to drive off road for six miles! It is not a jeep trail mind you but six miles off road in a minivan is an adventure. The glass walkway was cool but in my opinion not worth the admission price. It was worth it however to take the bus ride around the different stops on the reservation. Kaya did wonderful. I am really hoping that she retains some of what we saw. With the first couple of days in the bag we were all ready for some rest. But first we had to drive to Grand Canyon Village which was three and a half hours away.

I will do another post with more photos of the trip as I am still going through photos and editing them. Anyone interested in seeing the other photos I have edited already can check out the set on flickr.

On The Way to the North Rim


Mama & Kaya at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grampa & Grammy

Don't do it Mario!

All for the Guano


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