Arizona Road Trip Part 2

Next 15 Miles

Next 15 Miles

Last I left off we were heading towards Grand Canyon Village. From the Hualapai reservation it takes about 3 hours. Again I must say how well Kaya did. We put in a lot of hours in the Odyssey and she could not have handled it better.

Hidden Mother Ship

This was shot on the road to Grand Canyon Village

The hotel we stayed at in the Village for some reason did not have an address. Which made no sense as every building around it had an address. In the Village there was a whole lot of nothing! Very few places to eat and nothing really to do. Mario and I planned on getting up really early to catch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. We headed out at 5:30 into the park. Sunrise was amazing. Not every day you get to witness something so beautiful being born (with the exception being the birth of our children). We drove from point to point shooting the sunrise. We finally reached the Grandview and decided to go on a little hike. I hiked about a total of four miles down and back before nature called. Mario made it a good portion of the way but as the trail grew steeper and narrower he felt a little on the uncomfortable side and stayed back.



Start of the Grandview Trail

Careful with that new camera Mario!

Watch Your Head!

After hanging out for quite a few hours we headed back to the hotel to get everyone else. Since there is a whole lot of nothing in the Village we decided to grab breakfast at McDonalds. The prices there were insane! For four of us to eat (mind you we did not get ten of everything) it cost over $50! That is a new record.
The park is only a few miles from the village and we just went direct to the main area where are all the tourists are. We hiked from point to point and were in awe the entire time. The views were just amazing.

More to come!

Mario, Grampa Mark, & Erin

Mama & Kaya Grand Canyon


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