Arizona Road Trip Part 3

When we left the Canyon the clouds were moving in fast and it looked like we might get rained on. Well the rain turned to a snow shower. It was crazy after having so many beautiful sunny days to get snowed on.

From the Grand Canyon we headed to Chino Valley to visit with longtime family friends of Erin’s. Walter and Gloria were extremely gracious hosts. Putting up all of us in their beautiful home in Chino Valley Arizona. One of the best parts for me was having friends in Chino that had plenty of knowledge of the area. They had lots of great suggestions on things to do. We had a blast while we were there and I cannot thank Walter and Gloria enough for their hospitality!

Desert Cactus Flower

While in Chino Valley Mario and I did a little more hiking at a park called the Granite Dells. Originally Erin was hiking with us as well but somebody (Kaya) had a melt down while with Grammy. She was on her way with Grammy, Gloria, and Gloria’s granddaughter Sydney to Prescott when she noticed us on the side of the road getting ready to go hike. A melt down ensued and Erin went with the rest of the girls to Prescott. The Dells were very cool. The shapes of the granite were very surreal.

Dinosaur Bone

I see you down there Mario!

Granite Dells

Granite Dells

Prescott was a great little town as well. We also found our new favorite chain restaurant, The Cracker Barrel! Oh my do they have a great breakfast and cheap! Add to that the country store and it is an amazing place. The hash brown casserole is delicious! Too bad California does not have one yet.
On the suggestion of Walter we visited another great little old mining town called Jerome. What a great place. Old buildings, history, and a ghost town! The Gold King Mine in Jerome was so much fun for me. I am sure for Erin it was not too much fun but I know Kaya had a blast feeding all the animals and exploring. It was a treasure trove for photos as well.

That is it for now, one more post for the Chino Valley to Santa Barbara leg of the trip!

She asked for this picture!

She asked for this picture!

Then she asked for this one!

Then she asked for this one!

Speed Racer

Fringe Eck!


Big Jugs


Rust = Beauty


The Other Woman

This pair of trikes walks into a bar...

Wanted to try this one again


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