Last Leg Arizona Road Trip

When we left Chino Valley for Santa Barbara we were in the midst of a pretty heavy snowstorm. It was unreal having such nice weather and then heading home in near white out conditions. Our first stop on the way to Santa Barbara was dropping off Mario at his home in Ventura. After a quick goodbye (and much needed potty break) we were on our way to Santa Barbara.

Margie and Mark decided to spend one night with us and then they would start their journey back the following day. We had planned to stay three more days just hanging out and visiting old haunts. Unfortunately family matters called us back a bit early. All in all it was a great trip and I cannot wait for the next adventure.

To see all the photos I upload from the trip just click me to see the set on Flickr.

Kaya at Kids World

Kaya at Kids world playground

Kaya riding a Dolphin





Little One's Silhouette  

A couple of photos that did not make it into the last post. This was in Sedona. We visited just after checking out Jerome.


Red Rocks Sedona


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