Only a Few Months Behind

Well I am in the process of deciding whether or not I will move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger has been good to me but they have the worst support system and no way of contacting anybody for help. WordPress seems to be a better bet at this point but for the time being I will post at both sites.

So I am definitely behind on posting what has been going on. I think I finalized our road trip but still have Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and………….

So I will start with Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. For Mother’s day we decided to head over to Richmond to say goodbye to the USS Iowa which was departing for Long Beach and its new role as a floating museum. I know Erin does not enjoy these visits to places of history as much as I do but she is always supportive and even on Mother’s day was OK with us heading to Richmond. We visited the USS Missouri when we were in Hawaii and let me tell you the USS Iowa had a long way to go before being in the condition that the Missouri is in. But I am saddened that Mare Island lost the bid to keep her here. It would have been nice to have such a significant piece of history close to home.


USS Iowa BB 61

Land of Beautiful Girls

Fresh Wood

For Memorial Day it was kind of more of the same as we were chasing the Iowa out of town. We headed over to Rodeo Beach did a great hike up to the gun batteries and then headed over to watch the Iowa sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. In all two very fun outings.

Our New Front Doors

Buggy is a Hiker

Two Ways of Getting Up

The State of Pillboxes Today

Mama & Kaya Hiking

French Dip?

Going Under

Is That a Battleship?

Bye BB-61 We Will Miss You


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