Let Summer Begin

The day after Memorial day we headed to Vallejo with our friends Rich and Natalie. We have done a bike ride from Benicia State Park to Benicia many times and it was a beautiful day to ride so off we went. Ate at a great place close to the water, did a little playing at the park, met a very nice Philippine family, and Kaya offered to catch a duck for me to eat.

Quaint Little Pier

Kaya Rocking Out


Lil Sneaker

The following weekend we found ourselves on another bike ride. This is another one we do quite often. From our house to downtown for breakfast and back. Our route is fairly car free and we love getting out on the bikes.

Battle of the Sensor Dust

You're Gonna Bite Your Tongue Off!

Could not make up my mind

That brings us to Father’s day. This day means a lot to me. Although this day would mean nothing if it were not for my beautiful wife and daughter. Without them this day would really not hold the meaning it does now.
We decided to head over to Dillon beach with friends Chaz and his daughter Devin. When we approached the beach it looked like it might be a little on the cold side as there was a good sized amount of fog and cloud cover. But when we arrived it was further off coast then it looked and we had plenty of sun. Kaya absolutely loves the beach. The cold water does not seem to phase her one bit. She takes after her father I believe. We had a great time.


She Loves to Jump

Going into the water......Nope too cold!

Beach Girls

Don't Get Dad Wet!

Ocean Runner

You Can't Get Me!


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