Playing Catch Up

Seems to be my favorite game as I am always playing catch up when it comes to our blog.

My Girl

Where to begin? Kaya is amazing. She will be four in a little over a month and she started Preschool a few weeks back. A couple of snags here and there but she seems to have fun. I wish she could remember her friends names. She knows the colors of the rainbow and the acronym Roygbiv to remember them but has issues with her new friends names!

About a month ago she graduated from riding in the trailer to riding a tag a long. She is very proud of it and loves riding. If it were not for Erin we sure would be a lot lazier around here. We have been riding almost every night. Our typical route takes us downtown to one of our favorite treat spots. Froyo, Annette’s, Napa Sweet Shop, and now Frati Gelato. Frati Gelato is delicious. A little on the pricy side but boy is it worth it.

In a couple of weeks we are off to Disneyland. This will be Kaya’s second trip and first time she is tall enough to ride Space Mountain. Fingers crossed it does not scare the you know what out of her and she wants to ride it more than once!

Click on the titles below to be whisked away to Flickr and the other photos from those trips.

Legoland Trip with Aunty Cari and Cousin Jake

New Yahk


Nice Face

Amazing Work

New York and Connecticut

Piles of AWC Hubs

Press It

Never Forget Them

Reflecting on the Memorial

Freedom Tower

Old Sign

Bear River Camping

Aidan, Kaya, Jake, and Mario

Jake & Kaya

The Family!

Camping Girl

2012 Napa Fair

Win a Fish!

Napa Banksy?

Midway of Fun

Devin’s 3rd Birthday!

Birthday Girl Bouquet



First Day of School and Gelato!

My Little Ones 1st Day of Preschool

Thumbs up she is ready!

What a Show Off


Frati Gelato a new favorite!


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