Las Vegas 2012

Interbike 2012 has come and gone. Thank goodness! After attending this tradeshow for the last 16 years it has really begun to wear on me. Not interested at all in the show itself. If I did not have good friends to help and keep me company it would be a nightmare. Thank you again Rich and Chaz for sticking with me another year. I truly appreciate your help and hanging out with me.

And the sun washed over me

This year Chaz and I decided to bring some toys to play with in the desert. Also got a good opportunity for some sunset pictures while out there. Finally also did some night photography on the strip. I have been meaning to do this for the last couple of years and always forget or just don’t find the time.

Next year the show is still in Vegas but at least the venue is finally changing. Mandalay Bay will be hosting Interbike for the next three years. Not thrilled about the show staying in Vegas but at least we will get to explore a different part of the strip!

Click me for the full set of Vegas Photos


What a colorful mess

Chaz Goes Boom

Me Boom

Fun Target

Sandpit in the Background

Sprinter in an empty desert

Panorama Boy

Night Life

Nicest Walgreens on the Strip!

Planet Hollywood

Paris and the Eiffel Tower

Boron Sunrise

Mule Ears



2 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2012

  1. Surpassed rookie status many moons ago myself. The international shows are much more interesting in my opinion. If you have not been to Interbike I recommend going at least once but not 16 times!

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