Just two months late…Disneyland!

October was a great month with our every other year trip to the happiest place on earth. Thanks to Gumpa Lloyd for making this trip so special for all of us but especially Kaya. Shopping sprees, princess makeovers, she loved all of it and had the best time!

Who would have thought that Space Mountain would have ended up being Kaya’s favorite ride? She rode it four times. First couple of trips she was a little apprehensive but the third and fourth she loved it! She rode every ride she was tall enough for including the Tower of terror. She was a real ride powerhouse!

Thank you again Gumpa Lloyd we had the best time ever and cannot thank you enough, we love you and are looking forward to Disneyland 2014!

Click me for the entire collection of photos from this trip.

Early Cloudy Morning



Dead Men tell no tales

Little Piggy Friends

Under Buzz & Woody

The View from our Room

My Girls

Kaya & Frozone

Mama, Minnie, & Kaya

One Good Thing About A Rainy Day

Mini Water Slide

So Cute!

Hollywood Early Morning


Gumpa & Kaya all Thumbs Up

Happiest Place on Earth


She Finally Got Her Own

Family :-)

Alice in Wonderland with our eyes closed!


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