A New Year….

A new year. But what happened at the end of last year? So going back through October, November, and December the following happened: Halloween, our beautiful little girl turned four and got her ears pierced, we had a very low key birthday for her, Thanksgiving, Dixon Tree Farm, Erin’s Birthday and Aquabats concert, and Christmas!

Complete Halloween 2012 Set on Flickr

See you at the slide Dad!

Her go to cute pose

Kaya, Mama, & one big anchor

Too Big Little One

She looks about 11 here

Smile for Chris!

These Two are Too Cute!

Mc Bat Commander & Eagle Bones Falconhawk!

It probably gets stale hearing, but she is truly the light of our lives. Our world revolves around her and I would not have it any other way. I think back before she was born how I would supplant the emptiness of not having a child with superficial things. Life is so different now. I would rather spend every cent I have on her than buy something for myself.


Four Tomorrow...

4, 80, & 61 Three Generations

Getting one to look, hard...Three to look, Impossible!

Total Concentration

All Done

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. Thanksgiving was great fun as we spent time with good friends Desiree and Chaz this year. Then headed to the Christmas tree farm in Dixon with them as well. A great tradition for sure. It seemed like no sooner had we decorated the house that we were taking those decorations down again. Time just moves too fast some times. Christmas was great. Spending time with family that loves you is truly heart warming. Kaya is truly blessed.

Complete Thanksgiving 2012 Set on Flickr

The Bird

Kaya & Mama how pretty :-)

Wow they are both looking!

Devin & Desiree

That is a lot of sharp teeth!

Breakfast at ABC

Christmas Eve

New Bike!

December also brought Erin’s birthday and Kaya’s first concert! We spent the night in San Francisco and went to see the Aquabats. Kaya just loves them. The concert was great fun so was hanging out in the city with the two most special girls in my life. Very much looking forward to doing it again.

John's Grill SF

San Fran

Looking forward to this year and the new adventures that await.

Little Leaf Stomper


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