We Miss You

It has taken me some time to gather my self to make this post. Lloyd we miss you more than you could ever have imagined. Easter passed and all I could think of is how I know you would have come to visit bringing us freshly baked breads, treats, and I am sure a bunch of goodies for Kaya. There would have been a rattlesnake and lots of stories to be told by your little Kaya. We would have talked about who we think is going to win Hell’s Kitchen and I am sure you would have picked the winner. Your knack for choosing was impeccable. We would have talked I am sure about Disneyland. They are in the middle of making over Fantasy Land and we would have been able to see Kaya’s face light up when she sees it on our next trip. You would have told us about what you are watching on your new TV. We might have planned another trip to Cache creek. I would not be the Blackjack player I am now without you teaching me the importance of 3rd base. I want you to know that I promise we will keep in touch with Grandma Misako and the rest of the family. We are heading to dinner tonight even. I just want to let you know how important you were in our lives and we will never forget you. We love you.

So much love in his eyes

Missing You Already



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