Where does the time go?

Well this year is flying by. To tell you the truth I am ready for it to be over. Too much loss so close to home.

On the positive side we have definitely kept busy. Kaya is doing swimmingly well in her swim lessons. She is on her third class of the summer. This time it is one on one. I think she will learn more this round as when she is stuck in a group they have to move at the groups speed. Not to brag but she is very comfortable in the water and needs to be pushed. Her classmates well….not so comfortable in the water.

Floaty Girl

Open your eyes little one

Wall Kicks!

Today is also Kaya’s last day of preschool. My little one is growing up too fast for my liking. We often have music playing in the house and the screensaver on the computer and TV has so many photos of her growing up. It makes me sad and happy at the same time seeing how far she has come. Sad because I do not want her to grow up and happy because I could not ask for a better little girl.

So far this year we have done our yearly cabin trip to Truckee, visited the SF zoo, made a trip out to Alcatraz, been down to Santa Barbara to visit Mario, camping, went on many bike rides and hikes, and celebrated the 4th of July. Just a few photos from these adventures below. Click the titles to be taken to full sets of photos on Flickr.

Juniper Lodge Fun

Can't get me!

Building a Snow Fort

NO Fire Mallow


Copy Cats

SF Zoo

Goat Hugger

What a Dork

Criss Cross


Ring Pop

Ring Pop Powers Activate!

The Tower

Ready for Fun!

Santa Barbara surprise Mario visit

Surprise Mario!

Mario's Belated Gift, Kaya & a new bag!

Starfish Gazing

Mary K

Playin at Oak Park

Easter 2013

Easter x 3

Egg Huntin

Head in a hole


Who is this kid?

4th of July 2013

Tio Mario & Kaya

Jeffy & Chrissy

Still Waiting


4th of July Fireworks Finale

4th of July Fireworks


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