How to fit eight months into a blog post

How do you fit eight months of goings-on into one post? I am not sure! As the two people who read this can attest, I do not blog much. But I do use my Flickr account all the time. I no longer use Facebook but on occasion use Instagram.

Since I do not want to bore everyone with a 50 page post of what has been going on, but I would love to share, I think the best way is to share some events.

We just went on a eleven day road trip to Colorado and I have to say it was one of the best vacations I have ever been on. Being with my family to rehash great memories of road trips I went on when I was younger was amazing. We traveled through five states, had many adventures, and a ton of fun! From hiking to kayaking, ghost towns to gold panning, and some exciting meals at Casa Bonita, I think I can safely say everyone had fun.

Click here for the ever growing collection of photos from the Colorado Vacation.

Time for fun!


Adventure Girl

Devil's Kitchen

Sorry excuse for a donkey hug Mario


It wasn't me!

Road Trippers

Mother’s day we went on a fun little hike up Timberhill with our good friends Chris and Jeff. Oh and the pups Grifter and Dasher!

Screws Loose

A girl and her dog


This year also marked the return of the Airshow at Travis Airforce base. I used to go to the air shows all the time as a kid and Kaya has already been to a few smaller ones. I think Kaya had a blast. She zip lined for the first time and got to play a bunch of games they had set up for kids as well as see all the cool planes on display.

Too Cold!

She liked it

Where am I?

Shadow Raptor

Click here to see the remaining photos from the Travis Airshow trip.

Taiwan this year was fun as well. Erin and Kaya were supposed to go but now that Kaya is in school getting away in March is a little more difficult.

Scooter Ghosts

101 Walkway

Daoist Temple Ceremony

My ride up

Click here to see the remaining photos from this years Taiwan trip.

Our Tahoe trip went off without a hitch this year as well. We did get snowed on which was a blast! Between sledding in the snow and teaching the kids how to gamble I am positive that all that participated had fun.

Snowball on her head

Snow does not hurt Mario!

Erin choking Mario out

Click here to see the remaining photos from the Tahoe trip.

Christmas and New Years came and went too fast. But we still had time to get in some ice skating and I played golf on New Years Eve with Grampa Mark and John.

Mama Photo Bomber


Grampa Mark's Turn

What a treat

Click here to see the remaining photos from the holidays.

This year Kaya and I surprised Erin with a getaway for her birthday to Mendocino. We could not have asked for better weather in December!

Mama's Surprise B-day


Can't see sun in my eyes!

Astronaut Kaya

Click here to see the remaining photos from the Mendocino Surprise.

Last November we made a very special trip to Disneyland in memory of Erin’s dad. It was very emotional and he is now a part of Disneyland (Space Mountain to be exact) forever, just as he had asked us to. We miss you every day Lloyd and we know you are still with us as we can smell you from time to time in the house.

Kaya & Pooh

Chicken stick bound

Flo's V8 at night

Click here to see the remaining photos from the trip to Disneyland. There would have been a lot more if I did not get my camera stolen!

I think I will end the journey there and pick up another day. There is still so much to share!


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