Catch Up

Where to begin? Camping, Napa Fair, First Day of School, Exploratorium, Muir Woods, Hiking, Birthday Parties, and Las Vegas. That is a good start I believe. So far off to a very eventful year. I cannot believe my little girl is in school! Time is going by way too fast.

As always you can click the titles below to see remainder of photos on Flickr.

Sugar Pine Camping


Swimmin #sugarpine #mygirls

Camp Monster

Napa Fair

She is Growing...with a little help!

Laughing about the tall cowboy


Gotta Be

Kaya and Family :-)

She is having fun

First Day of School

So Happy

Her 1st day :-(

We all do it

Exploratorium and Muir Woods

Asleep at the Exploratorium

Where are you fishy?

Roller Skaters Attention

Queen of the Woods

Her Cute Pose

My Family Hikes

Devin’s 4th Birthday


Mouth Full

Skyline Hiking

Love these kiddos

Jake's catch

Baby Blue

Rosin Weed

Las Vegas Interbike 2013

Gallagher's NY NY

Beauty outside the strip



Lost Pool

Stay Away!

Pigeon Seats

Liquor in the AM


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